Challenged to separate hype from reality, many network security professionals turn to independent third parties, such as NSS Labs, for help.

NSS Labs recently tested the Sourcefire FirePOWER™ 8250 appliance against their benchmarks for Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology. According to NSS Labs, NGFWs must “combine legacy firewall capabilities with intrusion preventions systems (IPS) and advanced application and user awareness and control to enable the creation of granular security policies capable of operating in a Web 2.0 world.”

The result? The FirePOWER 8250 NGFW set a new standard in security effectiveness, protecting against 99 percent of all attacks and demonstrating superior performance and total cost of ownership.

See exactly how Sourcefire excelled in the industry’s most rigorous NGFW testing available to date.

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NSS Labs Next-Generation Firewall Report
Sourcefire® NGFW Sets New Standard For Security Effectiveness

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