ESG Brief: Malware Protection and Incident Response

Advanced Malware Protection Must Extend to Incident Detection and Response
ESG Brief, December 2012, by Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst

Do you have a plan when advanced malware sneaks in?

In this Brief ESG states: “Given the inevitability of a security breach, large organizations must supplement Advanced Malware Detection/Prevention network and host-based controls with effective and efficient incident response policies, processes and metrics... Many security solutions were designed for advanced malware detection and blocking alone, and lack the intelligence and integration necessary for incident detection and response. One notable exception of products and services comes from network security leader Sourcefire.”

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  • How organizations like yours have prepared to respond to an attack
  • The weakest aspects of incident detection and response
  • A 5-step process to enhance your response approach
  • The critical role of security intelligence and integration in incident detection/response

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