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Sourcefire Application Control saves money and improves security by controlling applications that introduce vulnerabilities, evade existing protections, expose sensitive information, overuse bandwidth, or violate usage policy.  While traditional firewall policies enforce policy based on the IP address, port or protocol alone, Sourcefire Application Control identifies each application and allows or blocks them on a per user or user group basis. Whether deployed as an NGIPS or as a NGFW, Sourcefire Application Control gives you several advantages over traditional firewall and IPS policies alone, including:

  • Reduced attack surface and inspection requirements
  • Control port- and protocol-hopping apps that evade traditional firewalls
  • Enforcement of mobile applications policy to reduce BYOD risk
  • Limit the exposure created by social media applications
  • Granular control over applications, bandwidth, and acceptable use policies
  • Flexibility through multiple deployment options
  • Optional URL filtering on over 280 million domains
  • A refined interface to make policy changes in seconds
  • Backed by the world’s most sophisticated NGIPS

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Additional Resources

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Demystifying and Simplifying Application Control - How to Achieve it with a Next-Generation Firewall or Next-Generation IPS.
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Application Center
Query our database of applications supported by NGIPS with App Control and NGFW to view risks and business relevance

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The Need for Application Control

Application Control Demo

Complete the form to the right to request a demonstration of an application control policy creation by Sourcefire Field Product Manager, Jason Wright.

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