It’s no secret that today’s constantly evolving advanced malware and APTs are evading point-in-time defenses to penetrate networks. Security professionals must evolve their strategy in lock-step to confront threats before, during and after attacks. 

NSS Labs cut through the noise surrounding advanced threats and the tools that fight them, having recently tested leading Breach Detection Systems, including Sourcefire’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). NSS Labs testing highlights which products offer superior security effectiveness, performance and overall value/total cost of ownership.

What were the results? Advanced Malware Protection is a leader in the NSS Labs Security Value Map (SVM) for Breach Detection Systems in both security effectiveness – protecting against 99 percent of all attacks – and in total cost of ownership as measured by cost per protected megabit. AMP also excelled in time to detection, meaning it caught threats faster than competing Breach Detection systems.

To see exactly why we received a Recommended rating from NSS Labs in the industry’s most rigorous Breach Detection System test to date, you can obtain your free copy of the 2014 NSS Labs Breach Detection System Product Analysis for Sourcefire (Cisco) Advanced Malware Protection and the Security Value Map by completing this short form.

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NSS Labs Security Value Map for Breach Detection Systems

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection is a Leader in Security Effectiveness and TCO

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